After seeding cells on Biolaminin, I experience an uneven spread. What could be the reason for that?

An uneven cell spread is often caused by an insufficient coating and could be caused by the following:

  • A too low coating concentration is being used. Increase the coating concentration until you reach a high enough to support even cell growth.
  • DPBS Ca–/Mg– have been used to dilute the Biolaminin stock solution. We recommend using DPBS with Ca2+ and Mg2+ since divalent cations are important for the protein structure and function.
  • Bad coating coverage/the plate has dried out. Ensure that the entire surface is covered by the laminin coating solution when preparing fresh plates. Also, do not let the plate dry out as this will inactivate the laminin coating. Too long time in the incubator or long storage without sealing could cause too much evaporation so that part of the plate dries out (often center).