The matrix to trust for your stem cell therapy success

Successful cell therapy requires reproducibility, global regulatory compliance, and most importantly, the generation of truly functional clinical cells. Biolaminin® excels in supporting all these aspects.

Key advantages of Biolaminin in stem cell therapy production

Scientifically proven matrix to streamline differentiation, stabilize identity, and enhance cell growth across various culture platforms and conditions.

Professor Malin Parmar

Lund University, Sweden

What makes us unique—biology is the key

The in vivo stem cell matrix

The key to vastly improved cell function lies in the essential roles of laminins within the stem cell microenvironment and across human tissues.

In the early embryo, laminin-521 is the primary extracellular matrix (ECM) molecule to appear within the embryonic stem cell niche, already at the four-cell stage. Unlike other matrix products, full-length laminin serves as the foundational support for self-renewing stem cells in their natural niche.

The only full-length laminin for authentic cell signaling

Laminin functions as a crucial link between the extracellular matrix (ECM) and cells, actively directing cell identity, proliferation, and survival through the activation of core signaling pathways.

Unlike fragmented laminin products, full-length laminin can bind with all relevant cell surface receptors, including integrins, dystroglycans, and syndecans. Importantly, it is also able to interact with various microenvironmental factors, including growth factors.

Tissue-specific laminin isoforms for specialized cell function

Laminin isoforms display diverse compositions across tissues, supporting cell specialization and functionality in a tissue-specific manner. Our exclusively full-length laminin products provide the largest laminin isoform portfolio on the market.

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