Can I passage my stem cells as colonies using the stem cell matrix?

Yes, Biolaminin 521 supports both single cell and colony passaging. However, we recommend single-cell passage or passage as small clumps since it is a much easier and more reliable method that allows standardized cultures. Each cell will have equal contact with the coating and the medium resulting in a homogenous environment. Biolaminin 521 is the natural niche protein for the cells and enables cell-cell contact since it promotes high cell migration. The survival rate after single-cell seeding is high. When using Biolaminin 521, no treatment with apoptosis inhibitors, such as Rho-kinase (ROCK) inhibitor or blebbistatin, is needed to prevent anoikis. Hence, the conventional method where the colony state is maintained to prevent apoptosis after re-seeding is unnecessary. Single cell passaging also decreases the risk of spontaneous differentiation.