Can I use a 96-well format for Biosilk?

Our current protocol for Biosilk is designed for 24-well plates, and the 96-well plate format has not been tested. A smaller well format is more difficult to work with because foam formation is harder to monitor. If another culture well size is preferred, make sure that the surface is hydrophobic. Plates that are intended for suspension culture or are non-tissue treated (non-TC) are often hydrophobic.

If you want to generate Biosilk or Biosilk 521 foams using a multichannel pipette in 96-well plate (and also add the cells by the multipipette) you will need to have the Biosilk solution and dense cell suspension divided either in multi wells or in some kind of container so that they can be pipetted up with the multi pipette. This all needs a bit of practicing and we would recommend you try with 24 well plate and get a feeling first before scaling up. 

If you want to scale up, you can use a multipipette (tips only in the middle) to generate a larger foam in a hydrophobic 6-well plate. After the cell has amplified to the desired density, the foam can be cut into smaller pieces for further differentiation culture if desired.