How do I use Biolaminin for cell culture?

Coat cultureware with Biolaminin solution according to the instruction. Dilute the thawed laminin stock solution with 1xDPBS (Ca2+/Mg2+) and add the diluted Biolaminin solution to tissue culture-treated cultureware. Seal the cultureware (e.g. with Parafilm®) to avoid evaporation. Incubate at +2°C to +8°C overnight or, if a more rapid coating is required, incubate at +37°C for 2 hours. For the culture of cells, suck away the excess laminin coating solution and add the cell suspension to the laminin-coated well. No washing is required. If not used immediately, the coated plates and diluted coating solution can be kept at +2°C to +8°C for up to 4 weeks. Do not allow the coated surface to dehydrate as that will inactivate the protein coating.