What are the major advantages of using human recombinant laminins vs. truncated or tissue-originated laminin products?

Our Biolaminin cell culture matrices are the only original full length, recombinant laminins on the market, with all the functional domains intact. Laminins isolated from tissue is an impure mix of several ECM proteins. Moreover, during isolation, the proteins tend to be heavily degraded with the consequence of structural integrity and lost function. A fractionated or truncated laminin molecule, or laminins isolated from tissues, lack many of the domains which are needed by the cells to form proper extracellular matrix network and to stimulate cellular signal transductions. Hence, only the intact, full-length laminin can create a more authentic cell culture environment.

For reference about the difference in quality and function of commercially available recombinant versus isolated preparations of laminins ,see Wondimu et al., 2006.