What is Biosilk?

Biosilk is a natural biomaterial made of recombinant silk protein. Biosilk fibers consist of shorter strings of spider silk protein, spidroins, which contain four poly alanine/glycine-rich blocks and a C-terminal non-repetitive domain. The spidroins are further biofunctionalized with an RGD-domain sequence.

Biosilk 521 is a Biosilk product that is supplemented with recombinant Biolaminin 521 (human recombinant laminin 521 protein). The Biosilk 521 material creates a biologically relevant 3D culture en­vironment for the expansion and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells. Biosilk can also be supplemented with any other Biolaminin isoform to support the relevant cell type in organoid culture. The Biosilk products can be processed into a variety of two- and three-dimensional formats and integrate into biological systems with excellent biocompatibility.