Stockholm May 23rd, 2023

BioLamina AB announces release of Biolaminin® 521 LN first batches from new production suite

BioLamina announces the release of the first Biolaminin 521 LN batches issued from its new production suite in Sundbyberg, Sweden.

The products, which are now ready for commercialization, have been produced in the latest expansion of BioLamina premises. This state-of-the-art suite is dedicated to production and research within process development, matrix biology and cellular assays. The 340 m² large space will also improve logistical operations and increase storage capacities.

The opening of the new premises marks a significant milestone for BioLamina, as it scales up the company’s product production and responds to increasing demands.

“I want to thank everyone who supported this project, our partners as well as our internal team. This new suite will allow a steady increase of BioLamina’s overall production capacity, addressing our customers’ growing needs and keeping serving them with the highest quality products on their journey to success.”

Veronica Byfield Sköld, CEO of BioLamina

The opening of the new premises was attended by Sophie Hagströmer, Chairman of the board, Veronica Byfield Sköld, CEO of BioLamina, Anders Lindblad, VP Strategic Development, Harald Eriksson, VP Quality, Ulrika Ljungkvist, COO and Magnus Åkerhielm, CFO.

For more information, please contact:

Veronica Byfield Sköld, CEO
Phone: +46 730 733 933

About BioLamina

BioLamina AB is a Swedish biotechnology company built on a scientific foundation and a legacy in matrix biology and cell culture-based research. Our flagship products, the biorelevant human recombinant laminin isoforms Biolaminin®, are defined cell culture matrices that successfully imitate the natural, cell-specific cell-matrix interaction in the cell culture dish, allowing cells to thrive and maintain their function. Our products are a powerful resource for scientists working with stem cells and primary cells both within basic research as well as in regenerative medicine companies with a focus on cell therapy applications.