Stockholm June 13th, 2022

BioLamina AB sets the stage for US expansion by opening office in Boston

BioLamina proudly announces plans to open an office in the US to further fuel company growth and market expansion. The new office will be in Boston, MA. This strategic move will help BioLamina to better support existing and new customers in the US and brings the company closer geographically to world-renowned science hubs.

The Boston office will complement the Swedish headquarters just outside Stockholm and will focus on driving new business and the development of commercial operations on American soil. Operations will start at the end of September 2022. The company will soon begin recruiting for key commercial roles in the US organization. The expansion will be led by Dr. Therese Kallur, CSO and VP Business Development at BioLamina. Dr. Kallur has been with BioLamina since 2010 and has played a pivotal role in the company’s success. She will further strengthen the BioLamina network, initiatives, and footprint in the US as she begins operating from the Boston office.

BioLamina continues to deliver on its vision of revolutionizing and retaining its leading position as the key solution provider for primary and stem cell cultures for life-saving therapies. The unique Biolaminin® matrices are crucial for sustaining good and safe cells in culture and have repeatedly proven critical in helping scientists to achieve high-quality cell products and reliable results.

“Our products solve difficult problems for our customers and help them to develop new therapies. Expanding to the US is a key step in ensuring that our products can contribute as far as possible within their recognized applications, as well as for realizing other possibilities of our matrices. Establishing an office in the Boston-Cambridge area not only brings us closer to our customers but will also open new opportunities for collaboration and market openings.”

Veronica Byfield Sköld, CEO of BioLamina

BioLamina is experiencing a surge in demand from customers worldwide, especially within the cell therapy field. To meet this demand, BioLamina is also expanding its manufacturing capacity several-fold by building a brand-new production and R&D facility and by moving into newly established office spaces adjacent to our Stockholm headquarters.

For more information, please contact:

Veronica Byfield Sköld, CEO
Phone: +46 730 733 933

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About BioLamina

BioLamina AB is a Swedish biotechnology company built on a scientific foundation and a legacy in matrix biology and cell culture-based research. Our flagship products, the biorelevant human recombinant laminin isoforms Biolaminin®, are defined cell culture matrices that successfully imitate the natural, cell-specific cell-matrix interaction in the cell culture dish, allowing cells to thrive and maintain their function. Our products are a powerful resource for scientists working with stem cells and primary cells both within basic research as well as in regenerative medicine companies with a focus on cell therapy applications.