Meet us at ISSCR in Boston, June 14-17

Join our team, Dr. Mats Falk, Dr. Noah Fereydouni and Dr. Karen Brown at our booth #313!

You can also meet our Business Development team, Dr. Therese Kallur, Dr. Malin Kele and Dr. Mattias Gäreskog.

We will have the opportunity to present several posters:

June 15:

  • Poster 1008 with Dr. Therese Kallur (from 10.45):
    Recombinant Laminins as Biologically Relevant Niche for Primary Cells in vitro, Mimicking the Natural Niche for Adult Stem- & Primary Cancer Cells
  • Poster 459 with Dr. Malin Kele (from 1.30):
    Biologically relevant support to primary human keratinocytes, melanocytes and fibroblasts under xenofree and chemically defined conditions with Biolaminin®

June 16:

  • Poster 175 with Dr. Noah Fereydouni (from 1.15):
    Recombinant Laminin 521 improves single cell survival and maintained pluripotency of pluripotent cells during gene editing
  • Poster 174 with Dr. Mats Falk (from 2:00):
    Clinically Compliant matrix for human ES and iPSC culture for preclinical and clinical therapy

Make sure to pop by our booth for more information on how to revolutionize cell culture and the possibility of winning lovely cell posters to lighten your office.

Read more about the program and register -> Boston International Symposium — International Society for Stem Cell Research (