A Biomimetic Electrospun Membrane Supports the Differentiation and Maturation of Kidney Epithelium from Human Stem Cells

Mou, X., Shah, J., Bhattacharya, R., Kalejaiye, T.D., Sun, B., Hsu, P.-C., Musah, S

Bioengineering, 2022

Laminin (Biolaminin 511) was shown to be crucial for the differentiation of hPSCs into mature kidney glomerular podocytes on electrospun silk fibroin. Without laminin functionalization, the cells were poorly attached and scarce having small and rounded morphology. Electrospun silk fibroin membranes are biomimetic scaffolds, mimicking the surface topography of the glomerulus. These kinds of biomaterials can be integrated into microphysiological systems, such as microfluidic organ-on-chip devices or co-culture systems for modelling tissue development and disease.

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