A Chemical Probe that Labels Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Hirata N., Nakagawa M., Fujibayashi Y., Yamauchi K., Murata A., Minami I., Tomioka M., Kondo T., Kuo T-F., Endo H., Inoue H., Sato S., Ando S., Kawazoe Y., Aiba K., Nagata K., Kawase E., Chang Y-T., Suemori H., Eto K., Nakauchi H., Yamanaka S., Nakatsuji N., Ueda K., Uesugi M.

Cell Reports, 2014

The Yamanaka group uses cardiac-specific laminin-211 as the matrix to differentiate iPS cells to cardiomyocytes in a biorelevant environment specific to heart cells. This thus shows that you can use laminin-211 as a cardiac matrix. 326 fluorescent compounds screened to identify a fluorescent probe that is selective for human pluripotent stem cells compared to differentiated cells. hiPSCs were cultured on 3.5 cm culture dishes coated with human laminin 211 and cardiac differentiation was carried out. Cardiac colonies were harvested on day 15 and cultured for 7–10 days in floating culture. A majority of the prepared cells expressed the cardiac markers: cardiac troponin T, a-actinin, and NKX2.5.

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