A laminin 511 matrix is regulated by TAZ and functions as the ligand for the a6Bb1 integrin to sustain breast cancer stem cells

Chang C., Lal Goel H., Gao H., Pursell B., Shultz L.D., Greiner D.L., Ingerpuu S., Patarroyo M., Cao S., Lim E., Mao J., Kulju McKee K., Yurchenco P.D., Mercurio A.M.

Research communication, 2015

One of the first papers that highlighted the importance of ECM proteins in 2D breast cancer stem cell culture. Shows that laminin-511 is an acritical niche component for breast cancer stem cells. Breast cancer stem cells produce a laminin-511 matrix that functions as the ligand for the a6Bb1 integrin to promote self-renewal and tumor initiation. The authors observed that TAZ regulates the transcription of the a5 subunit of laminin-511 and the formation of a laminin-511 matrix. These data establish a positive feedback loop involving TAZ and laminin-511 that contributes to stemness in breast cancer. They see down-regulation of the laminin B2 chain.