An SCPPPQ1/LAM332 protein complex enhances the adhesion and migration of oral epithelial cells: Implications for dentogingival regeneration

Shahrzad Nouri, James Holcroft, Laura-lee Caruso, Thu V. Vuong, Craig A. Simmons, Emma R. Master, Bernhard Ganss.

Acta Biomaterialia, 2022

This study showed the first evidence of the functional role of laminin 332 (Biolaminin 332) and an enamel protein SCPPQ1 in the epithelial attachment of the gum, the junctional epithelium (JE), to the tooth hydroxyapatite surfaces. The strongly interacting proteins favored oral epithelial cell attachment and high migration rate. The LN332-SCPPQ1 (LAM332-SCPPQ1) complex has the potential to be further developed as a bioadhesive material to enhance JE structural integrity and attachment – a feature that often fails in common periodontal disease treatments.