Astrocytic laminin-211 drives disseminated breast tumor cell dormancy in brain

Jinxiang Dai, Patrick J. Cimino, Kenneth H. Gouin III, Candice A. Grzelak, Alexander Barrett, Andrea R. Lim, Annalyssa Long, Stephanie Weaver, Lindsey T. Saldin, Aiyedun Uzamere, Vera Schulte, Nigel Clegg, Laura Pisarsky, David Lyden, Mina J. Bissell, Simon Knott, Alana L. Welm, Jason H. Bielas, Kirk C. Hansen, Frank Winkler, Eric C. Holland and Cyrus M. Ghajar.

Nature Cancer, 2022

This study shows that astrocyte-deposited laminin-211 drives disseminated tumor cell (DTC) quiescence in brain metastases by inducing the dystroglycan receptor. Dormancy has a key role in the metastasis of breast cancer cells to the brain. The authors compared the laminin 211 isoform with laminin 411, 511, and 111, and only 211 significantly and substantially reduced breast cancer cell outgrowth in addback experiments.

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