Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Adhesion Assay

Yang Z. and Xiao R.

Bio-protocol, 2016

Here, the authors present a protocol for the culture of bone marrow MSC (BM-MSCs) on laminin-521 or laminin-511. The protocol is based on the method by Siler et al., 2000, and can easily be translated to MSCs from other origin or alternative ECMs coating. Both laminin isoforms show a significantly better efficient attachment compared to uncoated wells and also support seeding of a lower cell number compared to uncoated plats. The BM-MSCs adhere to the laminin-coated wells within 10 min, while for non-coated wells, it may take a longer time. In this protocol, a final coating concentration of 2 μg/cm2 is used but can effectively be lowered 4-10 times without loss of function.