Co-culture with extracellular matrix proteins reduces hypoxia-induced human islet cell death

Brandhorst et al.,

Xenotransplantation, Abstracts of the IPITA-IXA-CTS 2015 Joint Congress November 15–19, 2015, Melbourne, Australia

Islets are experiencing hypoxic conditions after transplantation. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of collagen IV and laminin isoform -521, -511 and -411 on the survival and function of isolated human islets exposed to severe hypoxia. Compared with hypoxic controls (100%) all ECMs significantly increased islet recovery after culture at 0.75% oxygen ranging from 163 +/- 12% to 173 +/- 28% (P < 0.05) using collagen IV or laminin-411, respectively. Increased post-culture recovery correlated with decreased islet fragmentation which was lowest using laminin-521 (66%, P < 0.01) and laminin-511 (66% P < 0.05). Islet ROS generation was also lowest after culture with laminin-521 and laminin-511. Islet viability was increased in all experimental groups when compared to controls but was highest using collagen IV and laminin-511. This observation corresponds to the insulin response after glucose challenge that was best preserved when collagen IV or laminin-511 was used for islet incubation.

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