Endothelial basement membrane limits tip cell formation by inducing Dll4/Notch signalling in vivo

Denise Stenzel, Claudio A Franco, Soline Estrach, Amel Mettouchi, Dominique Sauvaget, Ian Rosewell, Andreas Schertel, Hannah Armer, Anna Domogatskaya, Sergey Rodin, Karl Tryggvason, Lucy Collinson, Lydia Sorokin, Holger Gerhardt.

EMBO Rep, 2011

This article shows that laminin α4, Lama4, regulates tip cell (leading endothelial cells during angiogenesis) numbers and vascular density by inducing endothelial Dll4/Notch signalling in vivo. Appropriate laminin/integrin-induced signalling is necessary to regulate branching frequency during sprouting angiogenesis.