Human Laminin Isotype Coating for Creating Islet Cell Sheets

Yamashita S., Ohashi K., Utoh R., Okano T., Yamamoto M.Cell Medicine, 2015

This study describes an experimental approach to create a monolayered islet cell construct (islet cell sheet), followed by transplantation into a subcutaneous pocket. The authors try to identify an optimal human ECM as a coating material on PIPAAm surfaces, which allowed rat islet cells to attach on the surfaces and subsequently to be harvested as a monolithic cell sheet. Dispersed rat islet cells were seeded onto PIPAAm dishes coated with various human laminin isotypes: LN211, LN332, LN411, LN511, and HL-placenta. The highest value of plating efficiency was found in the HL-332-PIPAAm group (83.1 ± 0.7%). The HL-332-PIPAAm group also showed the highest cellular confluency (98.6 ± 0.5%). Islet cells cultured on the HL-332-PIPAAm surfaces showed a positive response in the glucose-stimulated insulin secretion test. LN511 also showed good results.