Integrin α6β1 is the main receptor for vascular laminins and plays a role in platelet adhesion, activation, and arterial thrombosis

Mathieu Schaff, ChaoJun Tang, Eric Maurer, Catherine Bourdon, Nicolas Receveur, Anita Eckly, Béatrice Hechler, Christiane Arnold, Adèle de Arcangelis, Bernhard Nieswandt, Cécile V Denis, Olivier Lefebvre, Elisabeth Georges-Labouesse, Christian Gachet, François Lanza, Pierre H Mangin.

Circulation, 2013

The authors used an in vitro flow assay and integrin α6 knock-out mouse model and showed unsuspected important contribution of laminins to thrombus formation in vivo. Laminin-411 (α4β1γ1), laminin-511 (α5β1γ1), and laminin-521 (α5β2γ1), but not laminin-211 (α2β1γ1), allowed efficient platelet adhesion and activation across a wide range of arterial wall shear rates.

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