Key matrix proteins within the pancreatic islet basement membrane are differentially digested during human islet isolation

Cross S.E., Vaughan R.H., Willcox A.J., McBride A.J., Abraham A.A., Han B., Johnson J.D., Maillard E., Bateman P.A., Ramracheya R.D., Rorsman P., Kadler K.E., Dunne M.J., Hughes S.J., Johnson P.R.V.Am J Transplant. 2016

Here the authors investigated the impact of islet isolation on basement membrane (BM) integrity in the human islet. Collagen IV, panlaminin, perlecan and laminin-α5 in the islet BM were significantly digested by enzyme treatment. Laminin-α5 (found in both layers of the duplex BM) and perlecan were lost entirely, with no restoration evident during culture. Islet function and survival decreased and islet cytotoxicity increased during culture. The islet basement membrane (BM) influences islet function and survival and an incomplete islet BM has implications for islet integrity and transplanted graft longevity.