Laminin 211 inhibits protein kinase A in Schwann cells to modulate neuregulin 1 type III-driven myelination.

Ghidinelli M., Poitelon Y., Shin YK., Ameroso D., Williamson C., Ferri C., Pellegatta M., Espino K., Mogha A., Monk K., Podini P., Taveggia C., Nave K.A., Wrabetz L., Park H.T., Feltri M.L.PLoS Biology, 2017

Ghidinelli and colleagues, through their in vivo and in vitro studies have clearly shown that Laminin 211, apart from promotion, can also inhibit myelination by modulating neuregulin 1 type III activity via PKA signaling and thereby prevent inappropriate and excessive myelin wrapping of small nerve fibers.