Laminin-332 sustains chemoresistance and quiescence as part of the human hepatic cancer stem cell niche

Govaere O., Wouters J., Petz M., Vandewynckel Y-P., Van den Eynde K., Van den broeck A., Verhulst S., Dollé L., Gremeaux L., Ceulemans A., Nevens F., van Grunsven L.A., Topal B., Vankelecom H., Giannelli G., Van Vlierberghe H. Mikulits W., Komuta M., Roskams T.

Journal of hepatology, 2015

This study demonstrates that tumor behavior is plastic and depends on the microenvironment of the tumor cell. The authors identified an important role for laminin-332 – more specifically its gamma2-chain – as part of the specialized cancer stem cell niche in maintaining and supporting stemness, e.g. quiescence and chemo-resistance. Laminin-332 not only protects hepatic cancer cells against chemotherapy but even stimulates cell proliferation upon sorafenib exposure. Therefore, monoclonal antibody treatment targeting the gamma2-chain of laminin-332 could provide an innovative therapy for hepatic cancer.

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