Laminin-5 and type I collagen promote adhesion and osteogenic differentiation of animal serum-free expanded human mesenchymal stromal cells

Mittag F., Falkenberg E-M, Janczyk A., Götze M., Felka T., Aicher W.K. Kluba T.Orthopedic Reviews, 2012

In this article, the authors show that laminin 332 and type I collagen promote attachment and that laminin 332 promotes osteogenic differentiation of MSC. Expansion of MSC in animal serum-free, GMP-conforming media yielded vital cells meeting all minimal criteria for MSC. Attachment assay revealed a favorable binding of MSC to laminin 332 and type I collagen. Compared to plastic, osteogenic differentiation was significantly increased by laminin 332 after 28 days of culture, with no significant differences in gene expression patterns observed. Their data also confirm that laminin 332 serve better in bone repair, as this material promotes both firm attachment and osteogenic differentiation of MSC.