Laminin 511 Precoating Promotes the Functional Recovery of Transplanted Corneal Endothelial Cells

Can Zhao, Qingjun Zhou, Haoyun Duan, Xin Wang, Yanni Jia, Yajie Gong, Wenjing Li, Chunxiao Dong, Zongyi Li, and Weiyun Shi.

Tissue Eng Part A, 2020

Abnormal adhesion of grafted corneal endothelial cells (CECs) affects the application of intracameral injection for corneal endothelial dysfunction therapy.  The authors explored whether laminin 511 (LN511) improves the therapeutic function of the intracameral CEC injection. Injected LN511 was found to be able to settle and form a coating on the posterior surface of Descemet’s membrane (DM). The data suggests that the strategy of LN511 precoating and CECs’ intracameral injection could be a potential method for the therapy of corneal endothelial dysfunction.