Laminin as a Potent Substrate for Large-Scale Expansion of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in a Closed Cell Expansion System

Fernanda C. Paccola Mesquita, Camila Hochman-Mendez, Jacquelynn Morrissey, Luiz C. Sampaio, Doris A. Taylor

Stem Cells Int, 2019

The authors describe the use Quantum Cell Expansion System (QES) as an iPSC monolayer-based expansion system. Human iPSCs were expanded (up to 14-fold) using the QES on two different coatings (laminin 521 (LN521) and vitronectin (VN)). The esults demonstrated that the QES provides the necessary environment for exponential iPSC growth only when LN521 was used. They conclude that the system provides a promising platform to provide the number of cells necessary to recellularize small human-sized organ scaffolds for clinical purposes.