Long-term self-renewal of human pluripotent stem cells on human recombinant laminin-511

Rodin S., Domogatskaya A., Ström S., Hansson E.M., Chien K.R., Inzunza J., Hovatta O., Tryggvason K. Nat Biotechnol., 2010 

In this article, the authors describe, for the first time, the use of laminin-511 as a substrate for human ES and iPS cells in vitro. The culture system is defined and devoid of animal products and feeder cells. Human pluripotent cells cultured on LN-511 substrate in this way maintained self-renewal capacity and pluripotency long-term, as well as karyotypic stability. Human ES cells plated on laminin-511 grow as a monolayer, which makes cell homogeneity particularly high.

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