p53 positively regulates the proliferation of hepatic progenitor cells promoted by laminin-521

Mingyang Ma, Shuyao Hua, Xiangde Min, Liang Wang, Jun Li, Ping Wu, Huifang Liang, Bixiang Zhang, Xiaoping Chen,and Shuai Xiang

Signal Transduct Target Ther. 2022

This study identified Biolaminin 521 as an ideal substrate for rat hepatic progenitor cell (HPC) culture. In liver tissue, HPC populations are located in a laminin-rich environment, and laminin is known to be required for HPC proliferation. This study showed that especially laminin-521 isoform improved proliferation rate in comparison to EHS extract (Matrigel), fibronectin, an undefined laminin extract, and other Biolaminin isoforms. The increase in proliferation was shown to be linked with increased p53 protein stability.

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