Pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiovascular progenitors differentiated on laminin 221 regenerate and improve function of infarcted swine hearts

Lynn Yap, Li Yen Chong, Clarissa Tan, Swarnaseetha Adusumalli, Millie Seow, Jing Guo, Zuhua Cai, Sze Jie Loo, Eric Lim, Narayan Lath, Lei Ye, Enrico Petretto, Karl Tryggvason

BiorXiv, 2021

The authors report a highly reproducible, chemically defined and fully humanized differentiation method of hESCs for the generation of potent cardiovascular progenitors (CVPs), using laminin-221 (Biolaminin 221) as the culture matrix. Transplantation of the CVPs into the myocardial infarcted pig hearts yielded maturation of the progenitor cells to cardiomyocytes and improved cardiac function using only 200 million CVPs, without fatal ventricular arrhythmia occurring. The results may have a significant impact on regenerative cardiology and is intended to be used

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