Prediction of interindividual differences in hepatic functions and drug sensitivity by using human iPS-derived hepatocytesCell Stem Cell Reports, 2013 Oct

Takayama K., Morisaki Y., Kuno S., Nagamoto Y., Harada K., Furukawa N., Ohtaka M., Nishimura K., Imagawa K., Sakurai F., Tachibana M., Sumazaki R., Noguchi E., Nakanishi M., Hirata K., Kawabata K., Mizuguchi H.  PNAS 2014

The authors had previously developed a method to maintain and proliferate PSC-derived hepatoblasts on LN-111 (Cell Stem Cell Reports, 2013 Oct). In this publication, they examine and find evidence for the increased efficiency and homogeneity of hepatocyte differentiation when the LN-111 cultivated and purified hepatoblasts are further differentiated on LN-111 to hepatocytes.

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