Recombinant Laminins Drive the Differentiation and Self-Organization of hESC-Derived Hepatocytes

Cameron K., Tan R., Schmidt-Heck W., Campos G., Lyall M.J, Wang Y., Lucendo-Villarin B., Szkolnicka D., Bates N., Kimber S.J., Hengstler J.G., Godoy P., Forbes S.J., Hay D.C. Stem Cell Reports, 2015

Human ES cells are cultured on human recombinant laminin-521 and laminin-111 shows efficient hepatocyte specification, maturation, function and stabilization of phenotype. The results presented in the paper represent a significant advance compared to any previously published data especially regarding metabolic activity and functional organization. Cells cultured on the laminin matrices exhibited significantly increased metabolic function relative to cells on Matrigel and human primary hepatocytes. The laminin cultured hepatocyte-like cells were arranged in lobule like structures, reminiscent of regenerating liver, with positive staining for MRP1 and MRP2 and were capable of biliary efflux.