Robust Formation and Maintenance of Continuous Stratified Cortical Neuroepithelium by Laminin-Containing Matrix in Mouse ES Cell Culture

Nasu M., Takata N., Danjo T., Sakaguchi H., Kadoshima T., Futaki S., Sekiguchi K., Eiraku M., Sasai Y.

PLoS ONE, 2012

Here the authors report substantial supporting effects of the extracellular matrix (ECM) protein laminin on the continuous formation of properly polarized cortical NE in a floating aggregate culture of mESCs. The laminin protein used here contained laminin 111 that was generated from cultured cells and co-purified with entactin (nidogen-1/2), a laminin-binding protein. The addition of purified laminin and entactin, even at low concentrations, stabilized the formation of continuous cortical NE as well as the maintenance of the basement membrane and prevented rosette formation. The results indicate that laminin-entactin ECM promotes the formation of structurally stable telencephalic tissues in 3D mESC culture, and supports the morphogenetic recapitulation of cortical development.