Structural and functional polarisation of human pancreatic beta cells in islets from organ donors with and without type 2 diabetes

Louise Cottle, Wan Jun Gan, Ian Gilroy, Jaswinder S. Samra, Anthony J. Gill, Thomas Loudovaris, Helen E. Thomas, Wayne J. Hawthorne, Melkam A. Kebede, and Peter Thorn.

Diabetologia, 2021

Isolated human pancreatic beta cells were cultured on Biolaminin 511 -coated glass coverslips to study beta cells’ structural and functional polarization. The study shows that human beta cells have a consistent orientation with respect to islet capillaries, surrounded by an extracellular matrix including laminin proteins. Live-cell imaging showed the distribution of insulin granule fusion around the cells. The study recognized beta cell polarity in the native human islet environment which plays a role in insulin secretion.

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