Human Mesenchymal Cells from Adipose Tissue Deposit Laminin and Promote Regeneration of Injured Spinal Cord in Rats

Menezes K., Nascimento M.A., Goncalves J.P., Silva Cruz A., Vieira Lopes D., Curzio B., Bonamino M., Ricardo J., de Menezes L., Borojevic R., Doria Rossi M.I., Coelho-Sampaio T.

PLoS One, 2013

In this article, regenerative properties of human adipose tissue derived stromal cells (hADSCs) were investigated in a rat model of spinal cord compression. hADSCs were shown to secrete laminin in the spinal cord. Out of six isoforms tested, they confirmed expression of α2 and α5 and also found positivity for β2 and γ1 laminin chains. The authors propose that laminin can be the paracrine factor mediating the pro-regenerative effects of hADSCs in spinal cord injury. This is supposedly the first article in which a link between laminin and the pro-regenerative effects of mesenchymal cells in the central nervous system is proposed.