Toward Xeno-Free Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Small Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Jaakko Saari, Fatima Siddique, Sanna Korpela, Elina Mäntylä, Teemu O. Ihalainen, Katri Kaukinen, Katriina Aalto-Setälä, Katri Lindfors, and Kati Juuti-Uusitalo

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2022

Small intestinal epithelial cells were differentiated from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC-SIEC), via definitive endoderm, on Biolaminin 511. The aim of the study was to develop a protocol with animal-free components to reduce variation in experimental outcomes. The differentiated cells cultured on laminin exhibited more enterocyte specific cellular functionality than cells on Geltrex or collagen. The protocol is serum-free and can be easily modified as completely xeno-free by culturing iPSCs on Biolaminin 521 matrix and changing the B27 and N2 supplement to available xeno-free versions.