YAP and TAZ control peripheral myelination and the expression of laminin receptors in Schwann cells

Poitelon Y., Lopez-Anido C., Catignas K., Berti C., Palmisano M., Williamson C., Ameroso D., Abiko K., Hwang Y., Gregorieff A., Wrana JL., Asmani M., Zhao R., Sim FJ., Wrabetz L., Svaren J., Feltri ML. Nature Neuroscience, 2016

A mechanistic article just published by Poitelon and colleagues in Nat Neurosci, adding further evidence for the importance of laminin-211 for radial sorting and proper axon myelination by Schwann cells. The authors show that laminin-211 in combination with mechanical stimuli activate and modulate Yap and Taz, which are downstream effectors in the Hippo pathway, required for radial sorting fo axons and subsequent myelination.