Biorelevant culture of hippocampal neurons on Biolaminin substrates

Laminin expression in the hippocampus

The hippocampal basement membrane mainly contains alpha-5 laminins (laminin isoforms 521 and 511) which have been shown to protect neurons from apoptosis (Chen et al. 2003; Indyk et al. 2003).

Biolaminin for hippocampal cell culture

Biolaminin 511 was first shown to promote elongation of both axons and dendrites of hippocampal neurons in vitro (Fusaoka-Nishioka et al. 2011). Biolaminin 521 has been used in hippocampal neuron culture more recently. As both laminin 521 and 511 are expressed in most adult stem cell niches they likely also support neural progenitors in the dentate gyrus.

Biolaminin Key Advantages

Biolaminin 521 is widely used in hippocampal neuron cultures to give supportive microenvironmental signals.

Specific laminin isoforms are present in different tissue microenvironments and are essential for cell survival, proliferation, and differentiation. Biolaminin products allow you to imitate the natural cell-matrix interactions in vitro.

All our matrices are chemically defined and animal origin-free, which makes them ideal substrates for each level of the scientific process – from basic research to clinical applications.

Our products have consistent composition and quality. This enables minimized variability between experiments and uniform pluripotency gene expression profiles between different cell lines.

Numerous scientists have found our products and finally succeeded in their specific stem cell application. The power of full-length laminins incorporated into various cell systems is well documented in scientific articles and clinical trials.

  • Biolaminin 521 LN (LN521)

    Human recombinant laminin 521

    Biolaminin 521 LN is the natural laminin for pluripotent stem cells and therefore reliably facilitates self-renewal of human ES and iPS cells in a chemically defined, feeder-free and animal origin-free stem cell culture system. LN521 is animal origin-free to the primary level.
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  • Biosilk 521

    3D culture substrate

    Biosilk 521 is a natural biomaterial made of spider silk and laminin 521 – a biocompatible 3D culture mesh for expansion and long-term differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells and for organoid formation of various cell types.
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