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  • Can I use human recombinant Biolaminin products for my animal ES and iPS cells?

    Yes, most likely. Laminins, as well as many other basal membrane proteins, are highly conserved proteins. Customers working with mouse, […]
  • When culturing my mESC feeder-free on Biolaminin 511 or Biolaminin 521, do I have to add LIF to prevent the cells from differentiating?

    No, Biolaminin 511 and 521 supports self-renewal of mouse ES cells in the absence of feeder cells, LIF, or other […]
  • When using Biolaminin 521 to culture human stem cells, I have an issue with uneven cell distribution. The cells don’t attach to some areas of the well, whereas they attach and grow normally in other areas. What can I do to solve this issue?

    The problem could be caused by the following: The coating concentration used is too low for your specific cell line. […]