Single-cell transcriptomics captures features of human midbrain development and dopamine neuron diversity in brain organoids

Alessandro Fiorenzano, Edoardo Sozzi, Marcella Birtele, Janko Kajtez, Jessica Giacomoni, Fredrik Nilsson, Andreas Bruzelius, Yogita Sharma, Yu Zhang, Bengt Mattsson, Jenny Emnéus, Daniella Rylander Ottosson, Petter Storm & Malin Parmar.

Nature Communications, 2021

Biosilk 3D scaffold biofunctionalized with Biolaminin 111 was used to generate mature and functional ventral midbrain (VM) organoids with less variation both between the organoid replicates and within an organoid, when compared with a standard VM-organoid method. This study shows the benefits of Biosilk especially in terms of permeability (no necrotic centers), resulting in improved cell maturity and experimental reproducibility. Biosilk can be supplemented with any Biolaminin isoforms, depending on the tissue type of interest.