Mini-brains in silk
and other latest advancements in 3D methods

The 10th of March 2022 15.00-16.30 CET (9.00-10.30 AM EST)

Get a sneak peek into the fantastic ongoing work by the scientists of the Parmar group at Lund Stem Cell Center. Learn about the latest methods of brain organoid modeling and neural cell bioprinting scaffolds. Get inspired about the applicability of these 3D methods in your research and address your thoughts in the Q&A session!

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Dr. Alessandro Fiorenzano
will guide us through ways of recreating human dopamine tissue in a dish.

Dr. Fiorenzano is especially known for his expertise in the molecular mechanisms underlying stem cell differentiation into subtype-specific dopamine neurons for use in stem cell-based therapies for Parkinson’s disease.

Edoardo Sozzi
will describe a novel silk-laminin scaffolding method for cerebral organoid engineering.

Edoardo Sozzi is a rising star in the neuroscience field. His Ph.D. work focuses on investigating the development, functionality, and diversity of human dopaminergic neurons in 3D cell culture systems.

Dr. Janko Kajtez
will introduce us to 3D bioprinting inside SHAPE composites for precise patterning of neural constructs.

Dr. Kajtez is an expert in novel bioengineering and biomaterial solutions to model neurological disorders. He focuses on microfluidic devices and 3D printing methods, aiming at a patient-specific cell-replacement therapy for Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Therése Kallur
will be moderating the event and gives an overview about the importance of biorelevance in cell culture applications.

Dr. Kallur is the Director Business Development at BioLamina AB. She has years of experience working at the crossroads of exciting new cell culture inventions.