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  • Instructions 004: Neural crest differentiation from hPSCs on Biolaminin® 521

    Protocol for neural crest cell differentiation
  • Instructions 012: Biosilk® and Biolaminin® free-floating scaffolds in 96-well plate for hPSC culture

    Guideline for human Pluripotent Stem Sell integration into free-floating Biosilk scaffolds fitted into 96-well plates.
  • Instructions 001: Coating with Biolaminin substrates

    Protocol and concentration calculations for coating cultureware with Biolaminin
  • Quality documents

    Quality documents Quality certifications ISO 9001 certificate Safety data sheets Biosilk (BS)Biosilk 521 (BS521)LAMscreen (LNKT)Biolaminin 521 CTG (CT521)Biolaminin 521 MX […]
  • Video: Generating Biosilk 3D scaffolds for proliferation and differentiation of hPSCs

    Generating Biosilk 3D scaffolds for proliferation and differentiation of hPSCs
  • Instructions: Laminin protein information

    Laminin nomenclature Biolaminin product Name of the protein Old synonyms Chain composition Gene names of the chains LN111 laminin-111 laminin-1, […]
  • Instructions 011: Biosilk 3D scaffolds for differentiation and proliferation of hPSCs

    Protocol for human pluripotent stem cell expansion, differentiation and organoid formation in 3D
  • Instructions 002: Culturing mouse ES and iPS cells on human recombinant Biolaminin 511

    Protocol for the transition of mouse pluripotent stem cells to Biolaminin from another matrix
  • Instructions 010: Embryoid body formation from human pluripotent stem cells

    Protocol for a standardized, serum-free EB formation of hPSCs cultured on Biolaminin
  • Instructions 003: Culturing human ES and iPS cells

    Protocol for the transition of human PSCs to Biolaminin cell culture matrices (LN, MX, and CTG)